Step By Step Guide for Water Damage RestorationStep By Step Guide for Water Damage Restoration
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How to clean up water damage?

If you live in Woodbridge, VA you know that we are surrounded by water with channels, ponds and creeks that connect with the Occoquan and Potomac rivers. Summer in Woodbridge, VA is warm but it can feel muggy. Not surprising with an annual average humidity level of 64.0%, higher than Miami, Florida's humidity level of 60.5%.

Woodbridge's higher than average rainfall is 43 inches per year, (the overall US rate of 38). These weather conditions combined with our unique watery landscape makes the chances of possible flood damage a reality.

In the case of flood, you may need to evacuate your home and come back to deal with water damage restoration. You need to act quickly. Mold can form after two days. It can damage materials in your home and make it potentially dangerous to live in.


How to Address Flood Damage - One Step at a Time

1. Get your house inspected:

Schedule a professional water damage restoration inspection to assess the level of water damage restoration required and to check for hazards and sewage cleanup.

2. Protect yourself:

Inhaling mold can cause adverse health effects, including allergic reactions. Before re-entering your home, the EPA advises that at a minimum you wear an N-95 respirator mask, goggles and protective gloves.

3. Insurance and photos:

Once you have been given the all-clear to enter your home safely, take photos in case of damage to send to the insurance company. Check about insurance eligibility.

4. Water removal:

Floodwater may contain bacteria, chemicals and sewage. It's important to get a professional sewage cleanup company to remove standing water with industrial-strength wet vacuum and pumps. Doing it yourself, you run the risk of contact with viruses.

5. Dry and dehumidify:

Once the bulk of the water is removed, air movers and dehumidifiers will reach hard to get at areas. A complete dry out can take time, so patience is the key. Restoration experts know to monitor the drying progress for best results.

6. Clean and sanitize:

All your personal belongings, furnishings, carpets, upholstery, especially the bathroom will need to be sanitized to prevent mold and bacterial contamination. Professional flood damage companies use industrial sanitizers and air fog equipment to streamline this process safely.

7. Restoration:

The restoration process may range from replacing a drywall panel to careful restoration. The removal of lead and asbestos may require professional assistance. You may wish to follow up your restoration with an inspection by a mold remediation professional.

Time is ticking and any delay can cause additional damage to your property
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